Friday, February 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt.

What do you know about jerawat? What do I know about JERAWAT?? Like many other teenagers and adolescents, skin acne is one of the worst problems we have to face!!  I always think that I should be grateful for having a not-so-problematic skin except if I'm having my period *duh*. But now, I  don't know why I have quite a few pimples on my face (not the jeragat or the white head, they are the BIG ONES!!!). I tried very hard not to do anything to them like trying to pinch/touch/scrub coz I dont want to make them become worse.

I believe there are several causes of skin acne. This may be a one-sided opinion, but I think most of us surely agree with them hehehehe..

- I often read in magazines about how stress affects our health. This includes your skin's condition. I admit that I've been quite stressful lately. Too many things to think of; wedding, relationships, duties, money, etc2.Therefore, I should learn to handle stress wisely maybe by not getting carried away with it.

2. The skin product.
- I have this habit of using many types of skin care at one time. At the moment, I'm using SAFI for my facial cleanser, toner and night cream, Total effects for moisturizer. Maybe I should stick to one product and see how it goes. I'm thinking of using SAFI Rania Gold...but of course, i'm still thinking...hurmm...

3. The weather.
- I can't imagine going out without wearing my sunny or carrying my umbrella. The heat makes your skin turn darker and drier. Besides, never ever forget about the harmful UV rays which can lead to skin cancer~! Because of the rising temperature, my skin looks drier and the pores are more visible (and the jerawats appear like volcanoes that are about too erupt)!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

I can only think of three causes for the time being. Maybe there are zillions others causes out there. Actually, having jerawat does not bother me that much. Why should people always concern about how other look from the outside? I always believe that the inner glow outshines all the flaws. After all, the imperfections make us perfect. Abah once told me that, "Buat ape nak berhabis duit utk barang2 penjagaan kulit, bila kite berwudu' tu niat dan berdoa la supaya Allah bersihkan wajah kita dan juga hati kita. Minta kat Allah supaya diberikan sedikit cahaya supaya naik seri di wajah kita. Senang je kan?" owh dear, I am 110% agree with abah's opinion. Sometimes, we tend to forget about the benefits of ablution (wudu') in our daily life. Maybe its time to reset our mindset and not to think too much about what we want to see with our naked eyes. Let's embrace the gift that we have and make full use of it to the fullest~

Friday, February 12, 2010



Alhamdullilah.. a so-called stressful 1st month has finally ended, now the time has come..CNY holidays!!!! What makes it more interesting is that it is a 7-day break from school *grinning*. When I was doing my degree, I never realized the importance of CUTI for teachers. I used to think that being teachers only requires us to be the master in our own field. However, Teeeettttttt...i was totally wrong about it!! What else can I say..Teachers are SuperHumans!!Although our priority is to impart the content knowledge, we are also the ones who shoulder the responsible to mould the nation's hope...(whooaaaaaaaaa...) Aside from that, we are also ..ehem2 *clearing throat* the clerk, the driver (if students need to go to clinic), the parents, the advisor, the storekeeper, data collecter, discipline teacher, guardians, the treasurer,  etc etc.. that's why, we badly need a break!!  Most importantly, we can recharge our energy and rest our mind peacefully~~

To all my Chinese friends, Happy CNY !! Gong Xi Fa Cai~

Monday, January 25, 2010

stressful january!!!

haaa..bersawang dah my mademoiselle pink umbrella!!!
owh dear, tak tau la macam mane nak dapat kerajinan update blog setiap mase...setiap kali baca org lain punya blog, surely inspired..TAPI bile bukak blog sendiri tak pasal2 KEMALASAN MELANDA!!!!!!

actually, SCHOOL HAS STARTED!! So no more Cuti2 MAlaysia.*sighing*
One of my resolutions for 2010 is to be more systematic n organized espc with things related to school...however, all I can say is that the first 2 weeks was alreadSTRESSFUL!!!!
Wanna kno why??? These are some of the main reasons:

1. I'm contented to be elected as cikgu data bcoz i hv the opportunity to work with Kak Diee (Cikgu data yang otai!).Working with someone like her keeps you moving forward. Her optimism in getting her work done inspires me. Sometimes she always reminds me to...."..buat kerja dengan ikhlas, InsyaAllah semua urusan akan berjalan lancar"..heheh. thanks kak Diee, i'll make sure to keep that in mind all the time insyaAllah..OwhHHHH...the data keying job is not the stressful's the dateline yg wat gua menggelupurrrrrrrrrr....arghhhhhhhhh....i dont think that i hv time to get all the data keyed in ...huwarggggghhhhh...

2. (cerita ke 2 ni kena pakai nama samaran, sebagai langkah berjaga2 babe!!)
alkisahhhhhhhhh.....ULAT BULU TUA DAH NAIK DAUNNNNNN...
mane la aku tak stress kan!! I thot dah setel mende2 ulat bulu ni...tapi masuk tahun 2010, ULAT BULU sudah mula gatal2 badan...hoiiiiiiiiii...let us b professional in school..i respect u as a senior teacher...please treat me like a novice, not more than that!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........n most importantly, dont do anything funny haa cekgu...If i report to my tunang, surely he'll transform to an INCREDIBLE HULK....hahaha cuma badan die tak tukar jadik hijau jer la kut :P hahahahah

3. MGK (Mesyuarat guru dan kakitangan) is like a club for teachers n staff sokongan in my school. Well, I was in the committee last year, tup tap tup....all in a sudden, Ive been chosen to be the committee once again this year..the not so nice part is that, my name was nominated by i-dont-know-who-that-person-is.....klaka sangat coz i was not informed bout this until my Pengetua read out the official list during our first housekeeping meeting. Kalau beruk terkejut? in my case, I felt like terkejut CIMPANZEEE...ayoyoyoyoy....when we want to practice democracy in school, let's practice it the right way...mula2, memang rase hangin satu badan....tapi bila mengenangkan Limah pon kena "serap" jugak....aku redha jer laaaaa....after all "SAYA YG MENURUT PERINTAH" kan?? kan??? tu la, bertambah la keje...seriously, takut sangat tak boleh bg full commitment with MGK coz keje data pon bertimbunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!....

4. benda yg paling di takuti telah berlaku....(this is a continuation for no.3). I was given a responsibility to get  confirmations from 24  ex-SEGAR teachers who got transferred to other schools in conjunction with Jamuan perpisahan ringkas.  To show SEGAR's appreciation to those teachers who have served in our school, the jamuan ringkas was also MGK 2010 first project. Jeng jeng jeng...can u imagine the troubles that I'd faced in getting confirmation from those CEKGU-CEKGI?? I had to call each one of them and asked their availability on that "special DAY". Frankly speaking, it was not that easy breasy...I was supposed to get this done with Kavitha but she was away for a 2day course. It's not her fault tho, "KAMI YG MENURUT PERINTAH" kalau dah kena hanta berkursus..pergi jela kan, nanti kate kami malas plak...and luckily she helped out with the invitation letter..thanks KAVI.!! ok sambung cerita, dalam kalut2 nak dapatkan confirmation from the teachers, nak dijadikan cerita ada SEORANG cikgu tak dapat any news or update pon bout the jamuan...She claimed she was no being contacted by anyone at all either via SMS or FAX..panassssss crite ni..perkara ni sampai ke telinga pengetua!!!!..Dengan cara TIDAK PROFESIONAL, ex-ticer ni (merangkap seorang GURU CEMERLANG) telah menghantar satu SMS berbaur rase tidak puas hati kerana tidak dimaklumkan langsung mengenai Jamuan Perpisahan yg telah diadakan...She sent the SMS straight to PENGETUA..dont play2 expected, of coz la Pengetua hangin kan....tup tap..gua di panggil utk mengadap.......debar giler ok! so berlaku la sedikit drama2 MElayu...ishhhhhh....dipendekkan cerita, I called the cikgu again in front of pengetua and explained everything to that cikgu...hurmmmmm yg paling sedih nyer,....cekgu tu mmg tak profesional oK!..siap cakap ulang2 yang die terkilan, adoilaaa......dah cakap kan yg mende ni memang tak disengajakan....yg sedihnye kan...why must the blame be put on me only??? Punyala bertungkus lumus aku call one by one cekgu2 ni, siap hanta SMS pulak tu,....tak mintak balasan bila diri ni dipelakukan begini...ntahla, rase sgt makan hati...kalau hati ni dah kcik...memang bertambah kecik jadiknye....ntahla, I dont care what will other people say about me, yg penting I've tried my best to get my job done as best as I could...

Mane tak stress kan??? ngadap students tak la stress sgt tahun working environment plak yg wat gua sedih kan...ini baru the first 2 weeks...ape plak lagi 2 minggu akan datang???? Ya Allah, kuatkan lah hati hamba mu ni Ya Allah...ameenn...

Monday, December 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t & bonjour~

11 December 2009 was the day I turned 24. Syukur Alhamdulillah :)

I don't have much things planned for the special day because what I needed most was a good rest after 12 days of invigilating SPM!!!! woooot woot...after all, it's school holiday people! Teachers need to have a break before school begins next year.

A birthday is a special day for everyone because you can only celebrate it once a year. As for my birthday, it has its own uniqueness (syok sendiri jap hehehe). WHY???  Hari Keputeraan Sultan Selangor pon jatuh pada hari yang sama. Whoaaaa...Therefore, I always claim the day as my HARI KEPUTERIAN, amacam? What else could you wish for fellow Selangorians? It's public holiday for everyone in Selangor.~
However, the worst part is, the traffic in KL-Selangor area is terribly congested on that day since everyone goes out and enjoying the public holiday to the fullest. So, expect delay in traffic, massive crowd in shopping malls, long queue in any cinema etc2..*sigh*
Usually on my birthday, I will watch any movie with my sis. As for this year, I already planned to watch New Moon since I have a FREE ticket from GSC (terime kasih GSC). However, we didn't manage to watch the movie. Well,  I should have booked the tickets earlier..I totally forgot that it's public holiday, dah la beratur pon sold out...aduiiihaiiii...So, I  picked Mulan after I read a review from my friend's blog about the movie. She said that the movie is much better that New Moon (err I'm not sure bout that because I haven't watched New Moon so I can't make any comparison ..yet!). So, that's the reason why I ended up with Mulan rather than 2012, Christmas Carol, Ninja Assassin..Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the movie although the ending wasn't like the one you watched in the Disney's version of Mulan. Of course, there was no dragon or lizard which can talk to Mulan. The movie offers more fighting scenes in the battlefield so expect more blood and brutal killing. Therefore, if you want to watch New Moon but the tickets are already sold out, you can choose to watch Mulan instead. Whatever it is, I will still find time to watch New Moon soon...

Lastly, let me end my first entry with some pictures taken on my birthday..enjoy~
thanks for all birthday wishes via sms/ fb, truly appreciate them!

 my sis, my companion..