Friday, February 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt.

What do you know about jerawat? What do I know about JERAWAT?? Like many other teenagers and adolescents, skin acne is one of the worst problems we have to face!!  I always think that I should be grateful for having a not-so-problematic skin except if I'm having my period *duh*. But now, I  don't know why I have quite a few pimples on my face (not the jeragat or the white head, they are the BIG ONES!!!). I tried very hard not to do anything to them like trying to pinch/touch/scrub coz I dont want to make them become worse.

I believe there are several causes of skin acne. This may be a one-sided opinion, but I think most of us surely agree with them hehehehe..

- I often read in magazines about how stress affects our health. This includes your skin's condition. I admit that I've been quite stressful lately. Too many things to think of; wedding, relationships, duties, money, etc2.Therefore, I should learn to handle stress wisely maybe by not getting carried away with it.

2. The skin product.
- I have this habit of using many types of skin care at one time. At the moment, I'm using SAFI for my facial cleanser, toner and night cream, Total effects for moisturizer. Maybe I should stick to one product and see how it goes. I'm thinking of using SAFI Rania Gold...but of course, i'm still thinking...hurmm...

3. The weather.
- I can't imagine going out without wearing my sunny or carrying my umbrella. The heat makes your skin turn darker and drier. Besides, never ever forget about the harmful UV rays which can lead to skin cancer~! Because of the rising temperature, my skin looks drier and the pores are more visible (and the jerawats appear like volcanoes that are about too erupt)!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

I can only think of three causes for the time being. Maybe there are zillions others causes out there. Actually, having jerawat does not bother me that much. Why should people always concern about how other look from the outside? I always believe that the inner glow outshines all the flaws. After all, the imperfections make us perfect. Abah once told me that, "Buat ape nak berhabis duit utk barang2 penjagaan kulit, bila kite berwudu' tu niat dan berdoa la supaya Allah bersihkan wajah kita dan juga hati kita. Minta kat Allah supaya diberikan sedikit cahaya supaya naik seri di wajah kita. Senang je kan?" owh dear, I am 110% agree with abah's opinion. Sometimes, we tend to forget about the benefits of ablution (wudu') in our daily life. Maybe its time to reset our mindset and not to think too much about what we want to see with our naked eyes. Let's embrace the gift that we have and make full use of it to the fullest~

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